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…in early February, the Senegalese-American immigrant — and his green card 9 years in the making — returned to Senegal to make some changes at, his website and, in many ways, the unofficial homepage of the nation.

If you’re Senegalese or have ever traveled to the West African nation, you’ve likely come across this site. A buzzing, sensational aggregator of the former French colony’s news, it feels and looks like the Huffington Post of Senegal — except with far less in the way of competition. Deeply influential in Senegalese media and politics, it’s where obscure reports of government waywardness go viral. On a happening day, the site fetches 200,000 unique visits and 1.3 million hits — astounding numbers in a nation of 13 million, less than a million of whom can even get online.

The Coming Battle for Africa’s Internet, on what’s been called the Huffington Post of Senegal (via theatlantic)