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Journalism a Social Endeavor →

In this social business report issued by Net Prospex, The New York Times was ranked number 1 across a survey of the 100 most social companies in the U.S. beating off established tech companies like Google, Apple, eBay and Amazon.

To out rank giants such as Googe, Apple, eBay and Amazon is no small feat. Moreover, a newspaper, a publication that was supposedly obsolete, is now the front runneer in a list of social companies.

The Gray Lady is known for setting standards in its own rite, but can the social media world expect other publications to follow suit?

Will the journalism industry be synonymous with sociability? Liz Heron of the New York Times identifies their short list of standards when merging social media with journalism with a few short words: “Don’t be stupid.”

H/T: Lauren Fisher, Simply Zesty, "How newspapers are leading the way in social  media. Yes, really"