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Chris Hughes's Jumo And GOOD Join Forces →

GOOD, publisher of the magazine by the same name and the social action platform is acquiring Jumo, the cause-oriented social network created by Facebook and team Barack Obama veteran Chris Hughes.

Very interesting move and definitely makes sense by combining Good’s content and Jumo’s community platform. 

For example: 

Jumo has been piloting some community fundraising campaigns, like a recent one for victims of the Somalia drought, that have yielded good results. But keeping interest alive in the do-gooder space can be tough. Hughes says he has learned a lot. “People need carefully curated content if you are going to sustain their interest,” he says. “Particularly in the context of the not for profit world. People have to be consistently inspired, outraged, or excited. And there are nonprofits out there who are doing noble work in their communities and good jobs with their social outreach, but simply can’t generate enough content, particularly on local issues.

Via PopTech.