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The Lifespan of Online Content is Nasty, Brutish and Short →

In my other life I pushed this out today.

Words by me, video interview by my brother Peter.

Patch Wants 8,000 Bloggers →

Forbes reports that AOL’s Patch seeks to supplement its network of local editors with community bloggers.

Per the Huffington way, contributors will be paid in glory. 

As Jeff Berkovici writes

Arianna Huffington must not be taking that class action lawsuit against her too seriously. Not only is AOL’s new content chief not cutting down on the use of unpaid bloggers, she’s doubling down — literally. Patch, AOL’s network of hyperlocal news sites, is trying to recruit as many as 8,000 bloggers in the next eight days, according to editor in chief Brian Farnham.

Note that the effort comes quickly after all former freelancers were released. In a memo to staff, Patch Editor In Chief Brian Farnham writes:

We’ve set a big goal here but I KNOW we can hit it. Ten times 800 sites is 8000 bloggers—wouldn’t it be amazing to have that many local voices sounding off right out of the gate? Let’s shoot for it and let’s do it.

Eight thousand free and willing contributors? Amazing, indeed.

What's Your Like Worth? →

The New Yorker has an idea. It wants to increase its Facebook fandom. Here’s their strategy: become a fan and they’ll give you access Jonathan Franzen‘s “Farther Away,” which currently sites behind a paywall.

“Our goal with this isn’t just to increase our fans,” says Alexa Cassanos, a spokeswoman for The New Yorker tells Mashable. “We want to engage with people who want to engage on a deeper level.”

We want a tote bag. Then again, we’re easy that way.