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I’m certainly interested in the aesthetic of data, but I rarely think when I start a project “let’s make something beautiful.” What we see as beauty in a data visualization is typically pattern and symmetry — something that often emerges when you find the “right” way, or one of the right ways, to represent a particular dataset. I don’t really set out for beauty, but if the result is beautiful, I’ve probably done something right.

— Jer Thorp, data artist in residence, New York Times, in an interview with Audrey Watters of O’Reilly Radar.

Call and Response… or Symmetry as the Case May Be.

Recently, WNYC’s RadioLab ran a program that explored how “symmetry shapes our very existence—from the origins of the universe, to what we see when we look in the mirror.”

NYC filmmakers Everynone took note, collaborated and came back with few minute video response.

Audio. Video. Symmetry.