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How to Avoid Obesity

Information obesity, that is. Clay Johnson sums it up quite well in this LA Times piece.

The problem is that these days you can feast on information as never before, and you can do it without leaving the living room couch. But consuming too much of the wrong kind of information can lead to a kind of information obesity as dangerous as that caused by too much of the wrong kinds of food.

Just as we know we should curb the cookies and high fructose corn syrup, Johnson suggests we construct healthy info diets for ourselves.

We eat a lot of junk food because it is cheap and tastes good and we haven’t trained our taste buds differently. Well, your information diet is as important to your general well-being as your food diet. Building a healthy information diet can give you more time, strengthen your social relationships and reduce your stress levels.

This would be a good time to check out what the experts do, like in The Atlantic Wire Media Diet series, or revisit Chao’s video piece on Jay Rosen’s news diet

For those who don’t trust social news aggregators, while building your diet and picking tools, check out, a new app-in-progress from the Wall Street Journal’s Jeremy Singer-Vine. (Via Nieman)

In the same way that services like, Zite, or our own Fuego aggregate social news judgments (like Twitter patterns) or personal news judgments (like user behavior), aggregates editorial news judgments.

Happy dieting (& feel free to let us know how it goes)!