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The Washington Post launched a public beta for a social  aggregation news site.

Called Trove, it has Users log in via Facebook Connect and gathers data from your Facebook profile to initiate a news preference identity by analyzing your social graph.

In a welcome letter to (potential) Users, Washington Post Company CEO Don Graham writes:

Trove harnesses smart, flexible technology that learns from the choices you make. Some have called it “Pandora for news,” and the serendipity in its suggestions, pulled from around 10,000 sources, makes Trove a powerful tool for information discovery.

But it’s not just algorithms that drive Trove. Our editors are constantly working to inject the latest news onto the site’s home page and into channels of information that users can choose to follow. Meanwhile, our crew of engineers keeps Trove in a state of perpetual evolution.

The video? Yes, WaPo hired Next Media Animation to do it. 

FJP Caveat: Note how Obama and Palin get rid of news they don’t like. Unless you have an exceptionally diverse social graph — or are feeling particularly open minded to news that aggravates — our information silos and echo chambers grows stronger and louder.