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2013: What Brought Us Together

Jean-Louis Nguyen is back with a year in review that “explores the moments, people and stories that ‘brought us together’ this year, from tragic to triumphant, challenging or inspiring.’”

Feeling nostalgic and want to look back at 2012. Jean-Louis created a similar tribute back then.

Happy holidays, cheers to what’s passed and to the upcoming new year.

You can find Jean-Louis on Google+Twitter or, of course, back at YouTube.

2012: What Brought Us Together

News, politics, sports, science and culture from around the world. By Jean-Louis Nguyen.


The Year According to Twitter

Yesterday it was Facebook with its most shared links of 2011.

Today it’s Twitter with its “most important”.

Among the mix is “Welcome back Egypt #Jan25” for the Arab Spring and “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event)” which foretold the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. 

So too is “my daughter her name is sarah m. rivera,” sent out by a homeless man in New York who hadn’t seen his daughter in 11 years. They were reunited the next day.

It’s almost March so we’ll mostly promise that this is a last look back on 2010.

And while the video is created, an industry group, it’s tough to come away with any conclusion besides: people really like their phones.

Industry group MobileFuture brings us the 2010 Mobile Year in Review


  • Mt. Everest has 3G at the summit;
  • Numbers are good at measuring things.